How To Write Unforgettable Characters In A Novel

Hello Bookish Flowers! We’re going over the tips and tricks in order to write unforgettable characters in a novel. Characters play a huge role in novels and making readers love the character is important.

#1 Role of character

Is this character the protagonist, antagonist, side character or contagionist? What’s this character’s existence for? Does this character play a part in making the plot move forward?

#2 Personality

Every humans who are like your characters have their good sides and their flaws. Give your character flaws, they can’t be perfect all the time. For example, if the character is someone clumsy, you could show this through his or her actions and speech. By clearly defining your characters’ personality, they will turn out to be natural and realistic characters.

#3 Constructing Identity

Consider the character’s age, hobbies, gender, race, level of education etc. By typing these information inside a document, you might be able to use them in your novel. You as a writer should know more than what the readers know about the characters. By constructing a profile for your character, you’ll be very clear how to write dialogues and actions in the manuscript.

#4 Appearance

How does your character look like? Start off with their hair—-long or short? Curly or straight? What’s their hairstyle? What’s their skin colour? Do they have earrings? Stuff like these can contribute to better character development. Really sit down and type out these information about your characters before writing the story.

#5 What they want and need

What’s your character’s goal/goals? What is something they yearn for badly, and something or someone they need in their life. For example, in the popular To All The Boys series, it’s clear that Lara Jean, the main character of the trilogy, wanted to be by her crush’s side through fake dating and Lara Jean also NEEDED her family because without her family’s tender support, she would not have been able to afford going to school and what more meet Peter Kavinsky, the male love interest.

#6 Backstory

Define the character’s history. By giving context to your readers, it can help them understand better the character’s decisions and conflicts in them, making the character more believable, realistic and relable.

#7 Emotions

Like every human, your character should have emotions. Let your character go through obstacles, enjoyable moments, swoon-worthy moments and failure moments. Let them show the readers they have emotions, like when they cry, laugh lightly or beam.

#8 Failure of character

In life, failures happen, whether that is a huge or mini one. The reader wants to relate to the character and if you put the character in failure, and manage to evoke emotions through the character’s actions, thoughts and speeches, it’s going to make the reader fall in love with the character.

However, don’t forget that making your character cry too many times isn’t great either. If they experience the same emotions everyday, readers will become numb to it, thus, writers should explore different types of emotions they can evoke in readers.

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